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Monday, March 15, 2010

Results for Our Photo Assistant Contest

Hello All!

I know everyone is eager to fine out the results of the Photo Assistant contest. We had a long two weeks of voting for these contestants. I know all there family and friends are glad it's all over. lol Thank you to everyone that came in voted fro your selection.

We would like to congratulate Joé Asencios on winning the contest with a huge 6067 votes. The race between Gokhan having over 5600 votes and Joé was exciting to see.
That's a lot of votes Mr. Asencios! Congratulations!

Please stay tune soon to see Joé in Action!


We will be offering the same opportunity to the first 5 (five) photographers /inspiring photographers to submitted an email to for our second Photo assistant contest offer.

Voting will began as soon as we get all five contestants.
Stay tune!


Friday, March 12, 2010

The mind needs to reboot.

As a photographic artist we are expected to achieve an image base on our clients needs. Or at times, as an artist, we have a particular vision we would like to create that is kept inside our minds. In any case, a photographer should have a good amount of technical knowledge and technique to help reach these goals. The biggest challenge is we have too find ourselves as an artist in order to achieve what we feel is our style or new inspirational vision. We could have numerous of ideas that are eager to come out, but we have to first achieve what we all are looking for inside of us.

Every daylight saving time we try to refresh our mind's to get ready for our wedding season or our future clients needs. Striving for perfection means, we have to some times take a step back in order to jump further. Always strive for your goals. God will help you reached them.  

We hope to showcase our new 2010 work of the year soon!

God Bless
Walter Malabehar-Cantu


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glam Contest results

We were not impressed with the performance of our Glamour contest. I want to apologize to all my customers, fellow photographic peers, family and friends that had to read all the high school comments. We would like to give a special thank you to the entire voters that took there time during the day to come and vote for your selection. Please accept our apologies and we thank you!

The reason this contest was cancel, was a decision made from our research regarding the outcome of the contest. One of the biggest reasons of our decision was the discussed comments & emails we have been receiving. Here at Kaizen-Foto we strive for perfection, no matter what we strive for being perfect!
Saying that!

We are going to offer all the Glamour contestants the wining prize. Contestants will be contact by our booking agent to schedule their photo shoot session. Congratulations to all!

Walter Malabehar-Cantu

Thursday, March 4, 2010

High Voltage Lighting workshop!

Hello Everyone!

It's that time again at Kaizen-Foto to start preparing for another hands-on workshop. On March 28th and April 18th we will be traveling on a bus visiting some of Chicago's sceneries for a few hours of Capturing fun. This time with my good friends from Chicago Photographer. We are planning a great day of training and hands-on with lighting gear I use in my work-flow. We will have models all dressed up for the Big Day!
We’ll finish our Wedding adventure in the city and then head over to our studio. We’ll discuss our images captured in the first part of this workshop. After lunch, we will be shooting yet again. This time it will be a model Folios session. It’s going to be a lot of fun and an awesome experience.
If you’re interested in joining us, please follow this link for registration.

High Voltage Lighting Workshop! 

Please send in your payment to through PAYPAL as soon as you can.
If you are not 100% sure that you will be able to attend PLEASE RSVP as MAYBE ATTENDING.
If you already have sent your payment please disregard this message.

Thank You.

Chicago Photographer

Monday, March 1, 2010

Our new Kaizen-Foto followers!

We would like to give a special thank you to our first (5) five Blog followers on our site!  
Thanks Karen, Joé, Tyler, Jennifer and Dawn for joining! 
We'll remember you for years to come!
Thanks again!

Looking at a exciting New Year!

This past February has been very exciting to us here at Kaizen-Foto. We not only had four model session, but we've also captured three weddings this month. Also our three successful weekend warrior seminars at Calumet Photo has been getting great reviews. We would like to give a special thank you to everyone at Calumet Events for giving us this opportunity to teach there Classes. I've learn a lot for so many years from Calumet as an employee and it was an honor to to be apart this seminar. The classes were filled with over 25 attendees and everyone left inspired & motivated to start trying new techniques in there photographic journey.
We've also made so many new friends this past month from workshops, seminars, and photo group clubs we've attended. We'll continue to network with our new found friends for years to come. We will continue to strive for perfection to make this a successful 2010 year, despite our economy and world tragedy!

Our hearts go out to everyone in Haiti and in Chile. Our prayer is with everyone!  

 Thanks again to all that made this month so wonderful!    


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Aztec Queen series.

Hello everyone,

I've been having this series in my head for years. I finally gotten my skills as a photographer to achieve this vision, or at least I think I have. lol
Well with the help of my adorable wife's talent with make up design, and these huge amount of Aztec Goddess discussion during the diner table are starting to finally come alive.

This is my first shoot of this series and I would like to give a special thanks to my make up artist Annabel Corona for a great job on this design and style. As well as our model Felicia June for sitting patiently awaiting for this to happen.

A little story I would like to share about how small this world really is.

I invited a good friend to stop by and experience my behind the scenes photo session of  my new beauty work series. My friend Gokhan agreed. 

Not knowing the talent or who it was that was being captured, he stopped by and experience this production. Little that I knew and Gokhan knew that he'll come across a person he once cross paths at one point of there lives.

Gokhan totally freaked out after he started to remember who this models was during our conversations and who's girlfriend she was... Gokhan asked. Are you Matt's Girlfriend? YA! Where you in Arizona  a few weeks ago?
Remember me?
Ohhhhh ya! Felicia starts to LHAO!

You're Matts friend... ya...ya... what's your name? Gokhan! hahahaha.. haha..haha..
What a small world.

(That's what I said)

Matt is on his way here, she said. What! I said.
He's running a bit late. Walter! ya Gokhan! hahahaha Gokhan says, Matt is another good photographer friend of mine. haha..haha.. hahha. and he on his way over.  What do you mean a good photogrpaher friend? :) He's a great Guy! I'm thinking oh boy! Another photographer looking over my shoulder. No pressure! Not going to show my skills today I guess. not knowing Matt yet of course :(

So my Kaizen kicked in! We strive for perfection, right? Don't hold back! Do your thing boy!

Long story short. We had an awesome time and Shoot. Anna and I got to meet some very special people that evening in the studio. Which I believe Anna and I made some long time friends as well.

Felicia was teaching Annabel some Salsa Moves ( oh ya... shes also a Salsa Instrctor and Dance competition champion) and of course I was chatting photo talk with my good friends. All of these of course after the photo session. I guess we needed some Wine to make it a real party. lol\

That should be in my things to do list for the studio. :)

Oh well! Just go's to show, that we do live in a small world. I was blessed to experience its special moment.

My series is off to a great start!

Thanks gang!